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You’ve dedicated a lot of time and passion to getting your career to where it is now. As an executive, you’re proud of all the hard work you’ve contributed. It’s paid off and you’ve made it as an executive. Yet now, your marriage is ending. As an executive, you may be living at least some of your life in the public eye. The last thing you want to do is have a nasty divorce that becomes a public spectacle, and your spouse feels the same way. But divorces are a public record, so what can you do?

The Boulder divorce lawyers of Stahly Mehrtens LLC for executives can assist you with not only your divorce action but also assist you in keeping your dissolution action out of the public eye. There are many helpful legal options that you can use to dissolve your marriage and keep your private life just that: private. Schedule your consultation now to learn more about which options may be available to you.

How Our Boulder Executive Divorce Lawyers Can Help You

Boulder executives often require a divorce lawyer skilled in handling High-Net worth divorce matters as opposed to handling what we will refer to here as a “traditional divorce.” In a “traditional divorce,” there may be a marital home, one or two vehicles, one or two retirement accounts, and a nominal amount of marital assets and debts (and maybe children).

In a High-Net worth divorce, there may be multiple pieces of real estate, multiple vehicles, multiple retirement and investment accounts, fine art collections, jewelry, trusts, business interests, interests in intellectual property, stock options, inheritance and gifts, ad even prenuptial agreements.

The worth of the assets within your marriage can make the division more contentious, but working with a skilled High-Net worth divorce lawyer, such as those with Stahly Mehrtens LLC can make determining separate and marital property easier for both you and your spouse.

Creating a Hedge of Privacy Around Your Divorce as an Executive

As an executive, it’s imperative that your private life remain private. Stahly Mehrtens LLC can help you do that. Something many don’t know about the Colorado divorce process is that you do have options to keep your divorce private until it is finalized. Options include:

  • Collaborative divorce– This option is best if both you and your spouse are on the same page for the divorce. It’s also extremely private.
  • Arbitration– In arbitration, you and your spouse work out an agreement in the presence of an arbitrator whose decision is legally binding.
  • Use of a private judge– You and your spouse agree to the procedures that will be used for the divorce, choose the private judge, and pay them.
  • Come to a settlement agreement– You and your spouse can agree on a settlement, and then have it signed by a private judge.

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As an executive, you have enough stress and responsibility. Let the Boulder divorce lawyers for executives at Stahly Mehrtens LLC assist you through the divorce process. Book your consultation today.