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High asset divorces can be complex and challenging, as there is more at stake than in other divorces. At Stahly Mehrtens Miner LLC, our Boulder high asset divorce attorneys have extensive experience representing high-net-worth individuals in these types of cases. We understand the unique challenges involved and can help you protect your assets and interests while navigating the divorce process. 

If you find yourself in this situation, the team at Stahly Mehrtens Miner LLC can help.  Contact one of our Boulder divorce attorneys today to learn more about your legal options. Call us at 303-797-2900 or contact us online to get started with a free consultation. 

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Meet Tim Mehrtens: Partner and Founder

Attorney Tim Mehrtens

With a focus on large asset divorce cases, attorney Tim Mehrtens brings invaluable expertise in business valuation analysis and navigating complex asset divisions.

With extensive courtroom experience across various jurisdictions in Colorado, he is equipped to handle litigation when necessary, providing clients with comprehensive legal support tailored to their unique circumstances.

With over three decades of experience, Tim blends knowledge and empathy to guide parties through the intricacies of divorce proceedings. His dedication to settlement, combined with his reputation as a respected lecturer and leader in family law, instills confidence in clients seeking resolution.

Rest assured, Tim will handle your case with the utmost care and dedication it warrants. Recognizing the individuality of each situation, he devotes the necessary time and effort to advocate for optimal outcomes for every client.

If you’re facing a high asset divorce in Boulder, our team is here to assist you. Feel free to reach out to our local office located at:

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Why Choose Our Boulder High Asset Divorce Attorney?

  • Understanding Complex Asset Division: Specializing in high-asset divorce cases with intricate property holdings, our Boulder-based attorneys are dedicated to navigating complex financial landscapes with precision and expertise.
  • Meticulous Attention to Detail: With a keen eye for detail, we meticulously analyze high-value assets, ensuring equitable distribution and protecting your financial interests.
  • Strategic Legal Counsel: Our attorneys in Boulder county provides strategic counsel tailored to the unique complexities of high-asset divorces, guiding you towards favorable outcomes and safeguarding your financial future.

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Dividing Marital Property In A Boulder High Asset Divorce

In Colorado, marital assets are split using the method of equitable distribution. This means that marital assets like property, debt, and businesses are not split 50/50, but rather in a manner that is deemed fair and equitable by the court. 

However, there are some circumstances that may complicate the division of marital assets, these include:

  • Pre- or postnuptial agreements
  • Businesses (either co-owned or family-owned) 
  • Family trusts
  • Maintenance orders with former spouses
  • Children outside the marriage that receive child support in Boulder
  • Having multiple retirement accounts or pensions
  • Investment accounts
  • Fine jewelry or art collections
  • And more

The best way to protect yourself and the property that is rightfully yours is to work with an experienced Boulder complex property division lawyer. A good Boulder high asset divorce attorney will understand how to navigate the process and will be able to effectively advocate on your behalf to see that you are treated fairly in the division of marital property.

Addressing Complex Issues In High Asset Divorces In Boulder

A high asset divorce is one that occurs between two individuals with a high net worth.  They are sometimes defined as divorces involving combined marital assets in excess of $1 million, but often far exceed that. 

High asset divorces typically involve complex valuable assets such as:

  • Real estate
  • Stocks
  • Retirement accounts
  • Business interests
  • Unrealized investment opportunities

These can all complicate the division of assets due to issues with carry-forwards, net losses, and more. If you’re a business owner facing divorce and uncertain about its potential impact on your business or businesses, seeking guidance from a Boulder business owner divorce lawyer can provide valuable insights into your situation.

Because of their complexity, high asset divorces may require the use of additional experts such as forensic accountants, actuaries, appraisers, and financial analysts to ensure there are no unaccounted-for funds left out. They may also reach into other areas of law including estate and financial planning. 

Working with an attorney who is experienced in high asset divorces is important because they will know how to navigate these complex issues that may arise and offer sound advice. Our Boulder high asset divorce lawyers can help anyone going through this process. 

Whether you are an entrepreneur, doctor, lawyer, business executive, investor, or dedicated homemaker, our family lawyers in Boulder have the expertise and understanding to handle the challenges of your case. 

Preparing for a High Asset Divorce

Preparation is important in any divorce, but even more so in divorces involving high-net-worth individuals. Here are some things you should and shouldn’t do to prepare for your divorce: 

  • You should not attempt to hide any assets. As mentioned above, high asset divorces in Boulder often involve various types of professionals – this may include a forensic accountant. Hiding assets can not only prolong your divorce but get you into legal trouble. 
  • You should hire a lawyer who is experienced in handling high asset divorces. A lawyer who is inexperienced with these types of divorces may not be able to negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf. 
  • You should be honest about your finances with your spouse and your attorney. Honesty is the best policy in this situation. When you, your spouse, and your attorney are on the same page about finances, it’s less likely that misunderstandings will occur throughout the divorce process. If you find it difficult to communicate with your spouse, your attorney can do it on your behalf. 
  • You should gather up all of your financial documents, tax returns, bank statements, retirement account documentation, investment account records, and any other financial records that show your financial solvency. Understanding your assets and liabilities is vital since both marital assets and debts must be divided fairly. 
  • You should have a frank discussion with your Boulder high asset divorce attorney about your ideal goals for the divorce. This helps your lawyer understand what you want and provides a starting point for both of you.

Let Our Boulder High Asset Divorce Attorneys Protect You 

You’ve worked hard for the life that you have built, it’s understandable that you want to protect it. At Stahly Mehrtens Miner LLC, we are here to help you. Our high asset divorce lawyers work with our Boulder clients to help protect their assets before, during, and even after the divorce process.

Our team of experienced Boulder high asset divorce attorneys will not rush the process of your divorce simply to get it over with. We are meticulous professionals here to help you make well-informed decisions. We are on your side and help you understand your options for negotiations so that you can walk away with what you are rightfully entitled to in your divorce.  

Get started today by requesting a confidential evaluation. Call us at 303-797-2900 or contact us online. 

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