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Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that allows you and your spouse to work together with a neutral mediator to reach an agreement on the terms of your divorce. Mediation is a voluntary process, and you can choose to end the mediation process at any time.

Mediation can be a more cost-effective and less time-consuming way to resolve your divorce than litigation. It can also be a more amicable way to end your marriage, as you and your spouse will be able to work together to reach an agreement that meets both of your needs.

If you are considering mediation, it is important to choose a mediator who is experienced in family law and who understands the unique challenges of divorce. At Stahly Mehrtens Miner LLC, our Denver mediation lawyers have extensive experience helping couples resolve their divorces through mediation. We will work with you to create a mediation process that is tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Schedule a consultation today to learn more about mediation and how it can benefit you. Our Denver family law attorneys will answer your questions and help you understand your options. Call us at 303-797-2900 or contact us online to get started. 

Why Work With A Denver Mediation Lawyer

During the mediation process, the mediator is not there to provide you or the other party with legal advice. Rather, their role is to be a neutral third party that assists the parties in coming to an agreement regarding the issues involved in their legal dispute. 

Each party may also bring their attorney with them to mediation. This can be important as well because should the other party bring their lawyer and you do not, neither their lawyer nor the mediator may give you legal advice. If you are represented by an attorney as well, your attorney and the other party’s attorney can also work with the mediator to create potential settlement proposals to send to the other party for review. Your Denver mediation attorney can also help ensure that you do not feel pressured to enter into a settlement agreement that is not in your best interest or that is inherently unfair to you.  

How Does Mediation Work?

Mediation is either court-initiated or party-initiated. When it is court-initiated, the court may appoint a mediator. If it is party-initiated, you or the other party may suggest mediation and choose the mediator. The mediator may use one of several mediation styles:

  • Facilitative mediation
  • Evaluative mediation 
  • Collaborative process
  • Early neutral assessment

The mediator works with the parties and/or their attorneys to address the related issues, and come up with potential solutions that both parties can agree with. Each party can also send counter agreements. If an agreement is reached, a Memorandum of Understanding is created and reviewed by the court for approval. If an agreement is not reached, what happens next depends on whether you’re attending court-initiated or party-initiated mediation.  

If you are attending court-initiated mediation and cannot come to an agreement, your case will typically proceed to trial. If you are attending party-initiated mediation you can choose to continue mediation, opt for arbitration, or proceed to trial. 

Why Consider Mediation If You’re Getting Divorced?

If you’re seeking a divorce in Denver, mediation is a good option to consider because it can reduce the time and expense of the divorce process. You and your spouse can come to an agreement regarding all of the issues that must be settled, such as:

  • Assignment of marital property and debt
  • Establishing a fair child support payment
  • Creating a parenting plan that includes the allotment of parenting time and responsibilities that works best for your family
  • Addresses spousal maintenance, if appropriate and applicable

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Mediation can be a wonderful legal tool for family law matters to be settled in an amicable way. To learn more about how it may benefit you, schedule your consultation with a Denver mediation lawyer at Stahly Mehrtens Miner LLC. Call us at 303-797-2900 or contact us online today. 

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