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May 6, 2024 | Family Law

What Is an Initial Status Conference?

An initial status conference is an essential step in a Colorado divorce. Many divorcing couples get a preview of the divorce case at this point in the case. An experienced family lawyer in Boulder from Stahly Mehrtens Miner LLC can guide you through this step and all other steps in a Colorado divorce. Here is…

April 26, 2024 | Family Law

What Is a Memorandum of Understanding?

A memorandum of understanding is often used in the mediation process when spouses are divorcing. In the realm of family law, a memorandum of understanding (MOU) is a non-binding agreement made between two parties to outline their intent in regard to legal matters of divorce. MOUs are not formal contracts, rather they act as blueprints…

April 10, 2024 | Divorce, Family Law

The Difference Between Divorce and Legal Separation in Colorado

Navigating the intricacies of family law in Colorado can be complex, especially when it comes to understanding the distinctions between divorce and legal separation. Legal separation and divorce in Colorado will achieve essentially the same outcome, but they have vastly different legal implications. It is important to understand those differences when making your decision, and…

Why You Might Need a Divorce Lawyer Even with a Prenup

What is a Prenup? A prenup or prenuptial agreement is a legal contract signed by future spouses before marriage created by the Uniform Premarital and Marital Agreements Act in 1983. Colorado adopted this act in 2014 under Colorado Stat. §14-2-301. A prenup defines property rights and financial obligations between future spouses. It designates the division of…

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