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Is there a time of year when divorces occur most often?

November 29, 2022 | Divorce, Firm News

Divorce can happen at any time of the year. But there is an increase in filings around the first of the year. The peak typically falls in March.

Business Insider explained seasonal divorce patterns occur due to predictable human behavior at certain times throughout the year.

Why the first of the year?

The beginning of a new year may be favorable for divorce for a few reasons. Some people want a fresh start for the new year, so they feel now is the time to end an unhappy marriage. Others may have planned to divorce for months but did not want to do it during the holiday season. Once that is over, they are ready to file. Another reason, which may be common in high-net worth cases, is for tax purposes. You would not be splitting a tax year and making filing complicated.

Are there other peaks?

While the first of the year is the most popular, there is another peak that comes at the end of summer. The thought behind this peak is that it comes after summer but before the holidays. Some people may want to wrap up the summer months with vacations and other family events but file before the holiday season begins.

Keep in mind that divorce can happen at any time of the year. You should really file when you are ready and not worry too much about filing trends. You need to do what is best for your situation. Plus, if you file during a high volume time of year, it could mean slower processing through the court.

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