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Important steps to take after your divorce is final

March 17, 2022 | Divorce, Firm News

Divorce involves a great deal of deliberation, planning, paperwork and the filing of numerous documents. Though the ink has dried on your divorce decree, there are still several important steps a new divorcee must take to ensure a smooth transition into life as a single adult.

As you continue to divide assets and establish legal aspects of your life, there may be additional papers and forms to complete. Doing so will establish a solid foundation for the future, even if filing documents is the last thing on your list shortly after a finalized divorce.

Post-divorce legal matters

To ensure proper execution of the terms of your divorce decree, the period immediately following a divorce is the best time to ensure you and your ex-spouse tie up all loose ends and properly sort the various financial and legal aspects of your separation. These matters include:

  • Property division
  • Legal name changes
  • Deed or title transfers
  • Insurance modifications
  • Changes of address
  • Will or estate plan alterations
  • Credit modifications
  • Removal of your ex-spouse’s name from important documents

In addition to these matters, divorcees may need to execute unique actions as ordered by their decree. This may include support requirements, domestic orders or account divisions.

Separation assistance

In many cases, these tasks are simple to complete without additional, third-party help. In others, divorced couples may need further assistance to complete necessary documents or to ensure each of you fulfills the terms of your divorce decree.

Though many tasks require immediate action, several logistical adjustments may take extra time and personal resources to complete. Thorough and prompt completion of these tasks in the days and months following a divorce, however, can prevent you and your ex-spouse from ending up in court over avoidable disputes in the future.

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