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Could being wealthy ruin your marriage?

May 19, 2021 | Firm News

Money seems to be a major factor in the ending of many marriages. Usually, it is fighting over money due to not having any, but wealthy people may also suffer from money issues that lead to a divorce.

According to CNBC, there are several reasons having money could damage your marriage.

Income differences

It is common for one spouse to be the one bringing in the money in wealthy couples. While all money is a marital asset, the fact one person is earning can put a strain on the relationship in many ways.

It can lead to the breadwinner feeling as if he or she has more control over the money. In many cases, it also means the one spouse is working a lot. That takes him or her away from home, making it tough to nurture the relationship properly.

It can also impact the roles in the marriage. One person may feel overburdened by having to take care of everything at home because the other person is working. This may cause that person to harbor resentment towards the other.

Lifestyle issues

Another situation that may occur in wealthy families is a lifestyle that is too costly. Having wealth does not mean there is no need for a budget. Some couples may fall into the trap where they want to live above their means, which can lead to money problems that affect the relationship in negative ways.

It is more common for money issues to lead to divorce in lower-income households, but wealthy couples should not assume money will not cause problems for them.

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