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How do you identify red flags of parental alienation?

March 12, 2021 | Firm News

In the aftermath of a divorce, particularly spiteful or ambitious parents may take this as an opportunity to get an edge over you. They could use this as a chance to try alienating you from your child.

This is parental alienation and it is a real threat. It could do serious and permanent damage to your child, too. Thus, you need to know the red flags so you can identify them and act quickly.

Rejection of alienated parent

Psychiatric Times discuss potential red flags indicating parental alienation. The biggest flag that people often notice first is a child’s reluctance or outright refusal to spend time with you. This can manifest in different ways. For one, a child may not want to go to your home when it is your turn for visitation. They may express reluctance to spend time with you even outside of your allotted hours, such as not wanting you to attend a birthday party or holiday.

Behavioral changes and criticism

But smaller signs often appear before this stage. For example, children may suddenly grow pickier and more critical toward you. They could take sudden issue with the way you clean your house, dress or decorate. They might suddenly dislike a dish you make that they previously loved. They could complain about your cooking in general. They might not let go of even the smallest mistakes you make.

You may notice behavioral changes, too. They might grow more agitated and aggressive. They may also withdraw and seem depressed. If you notice any of these signs, consider contacting a legal expert. They can help you determine what you should do next.

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