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Divorce day is coming: Are you ready?

December 31, 2020 | Firm News

Many people have their sights set on 2021 to turn the tide of a universally bad year. But there might be one upcoming day that could bring trouble.

The first working Monday of every January has been dubbed “Divorce Day” by both the media and those who work in family law because it’s the number one day of the year for people to make their way to a divorce attorney’s office for the first time.

Why do so many people make the move to divorce in January?

There’s no single answer that applies to everyone, but you may see yourself in one or more of the following situations:

  • You have just enough feelings left for your spouse that you don’t want to ask for a divorce until the holidays are over.
  • Neither you nor your spouse relished the idea of being newly single during the holidays, especially with so many family events to attend.
  • You were hoping that the warmth and good will of the holiday season would rekindle your romance with your spouse (and are now disappointed).
  • You were just on the edge of wanting a divorce before the holiday season started and all that family togetherness amplified the problems in your marriage and made your choice clear.
  • You and your spouse wanted to preserve the sanctity of the holiday season for your children so that they don’t associate that time of the year with your breakup.

What’s it take to get through this?

Preparation and planning are key to every endeavor in life, and this is no exception. You can start by calling the attorney you intend to see and scheduling your appointment.

Second, start gathering up all the important documents that may direct the outcome of your divorce. This includes tax returns, income statements, investment records, property titles, information about your insurance plans and copies of your credit card bills.

Third, put a list of questions together. For example, you may have specific concerns about your home, the custody of your children, issues of support and more. A list will keep you on track.

Finally, remember this: Divorce isn’t so much an ending as it is a chance for a new beginning. If you’re ready to take this step, rely on your attorney for support.

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