Connect with community support groups during a high-asset divorce

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Getting divorced often makes people feel alone and isolated from others. Those in a high-asset divorce may feel even more disconnected because they are reluctant to discuss their situation for fear that it might affect your final property settlement.

Our Boulder, Colorado, family law attorneys want you to know tha t you do not have to isolate yourself completely when divorcing. Joining a support group, for example, can make you feel less alone and may help you cope with your high-asset divorce.

Other benefits of connecting with community divorce support groups

  • Learning from the mistakes and successes of others
  • Meeting new and like-minded friends
  • Finding tips to help your children cope with divorce
  • Feeling understood and part of a community
  • Having a safe place to decompress and express your feelings

Support groups should not replace the guidance a high-asset divorce attorney provides, but they can improve the way you manage your breakup. The Boulder County region hosts many of these support groups, ensuring that you can find one to meet your needs.

We suggest researching the groups in your area before you make a long-term commitment. Look for groups that discuss issues relevant to your divorce and your circumstances.

  • Example 1: If your kids are having a hard time, you may want to find a group that discusses ways to help children through divorce.
  • Example 2: Men and women often face different personal challenges when divorcing. Sometimes, it is best to select a male or female-only group.
  • Example 3: When you have no idea of how to live as a single person, you may consider joining a class-style group to learn new life skills.

Learning more about the legal issues that arise during a high-asset divorce can also make you feel better and more in control of your life. Continue reviewing our website to increase your knowledge about the state’s divorce laws.

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