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Divorcing with an adult dependent: Consider unique arrangements

October 22, 2020 | Firm News

When you have an adult dependent and decide to get a divorce, that decision can create a complicated situation. You and your spouse have always cared for your child together, but now that you’re divorcing, you’re not sure how to share that responsibility. You have thousands upon thousands of dollars in expensive medical equipment and technology in your home for your child, and you cannot afford to buy two of everything you have for them.

In this kind of situation, a nesting form of divorce may be something to consider. Nesting happens when you keep your marital home and share it. Your child lives in the home, but you and your spouse will purchase separate apartments or homes for yourself. If your current property has more than one living space, you could also stay there and split up into the different parts of the home.

The reason that a nesting arrangement may work well for a situation where an adult dependent is involved is because you can keep all of their medical equipment in one place. You won’t have to worry about taking it back and forth or trying to figure out how to buy secondary equipment.

This isn’t the only option, though. Another option would be to hire a transportation service that could take the equipment back and forth during each custody exchange. This could be costly, but it’s worth considering in some cases.

Finally, a third option could be to place your child in an assisted-living facility or nursing home, so they can have the around-the-clock care that they need and you can take care of business during your divorce. If they are moved to a different facility, you and the other parent can still have your custody time, but you would also have fewer logistics to consider.

As you divorce, consider these and other options that may work for you.

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