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An alternative to co-parenting exists

January 17, 2020 | Firm News

In some divorces, an easy or amicable resolution is hard to reach. Divorce proceedings may cause anger, frustration and make it almost impossible to negotiate in good faith. 

It is hard to imagine co-parenting when you and your spouse always argue. Does all the strife disappear once the dissolution is legal? If you and your ex are unable to negotiate and compromise, you may want to consider a post-divorce alternative to traditional co-parenting. Find out more about how a parallel parenting arrangement may work best for your children. 

Parallel co-parenting differs from traditional plans 

When two parents always conflict, working together may not seem plausible. In traditional parenting plans, the parties contemplate making decisions together and frequently communicating for the sake of the children. Parallel parenting differs in that it involves parents disengaging from each other. Doing this allows the focus to remain on the children and doing what is best for them. 

Parallel parenting helps avoid arguments 

In high-conflict proceedings, attorneys may encourage the parties to refrain from direct contact. Doing this may stop arguments from plaguing the divorce process. The same thought process holds for parallel parenting. If the parties remain at arm’s length from each other, the chances of fighting decrease. This is not to say that parents will not ever have to talk. How they communicate changes. In some parallel plans, the parents use email or an online calendar system to communicate. Some situations may warrant a third-party to convey messages. It is important to refrain from having children relay messages. This is not in their best interests and may result in future court proceedings. 

Doing what is best for your children is at the forefront of every divorcing couple’s mind. Follow this link to get more information on this and other facets of divorce. 

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