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Getting a divorce due to religious reasons

November 26, 2019 | Firm News

There are a lot of factors that can explain why some marriages end, but certain divorces are especially unique when it comes to the reason(s) why a couple splits up. For example, religious viewpoints can bring on the end of a couple’s marriage. Sometimes, a person may no longer want to stay in their marriage because their partner has become deeply religious. Whether they are strongly opposed to their spouse’s new religious views or they feel as if their partner is no longer committed to the marriage because of their faith, some people decide to move on from a marriage when their partner becomes very religious.

Not only do some marriages end because a spouse picks up a new religion or becomes intensely devoted to their faith, but some people may want to move on from their marriage due to their own religious views. For example, they may believe that their spouse is no longer suitable to live with due to their lifestyle and their religious viewpoints may prompt them to move on from the marriage.

Often, faith holds families together. For example, a marriage may be able to survive an affair or some other serious roadblock in a couple’s relationship because of their religious views. However, in other instances, religious beliefs may be at the very root of a divorce. Regardless of why a couple feels that it is best to move on, the divorce process should always be approached with care. Those with particular religious backgrounds may also need to take a number of unique issues into consideration as they work through the end of their marriage.

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