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The biggest issue for a divorcing stay at home mom

September 23, 2019 | Firm News

Many years ago, it was normal for mothers to stay home with the children and fathers to go to work. This changed gradually for lower- and middle-income households when families needed two incomes. However, for upper income families, many mothers do stay home, which can lead to complications in a divorce in Colorado.

When you do not work and your spouse is responsible for providing the income in the household, it can make divorcing scary. You may not know if you can reenter the workforce due to your lack of work history and possibly lack of skills. This makes figuring out how you will financially survive both during the divorce and after the biggest issue you will face, according to Forbes.

Your options in divorce

The court will not leave you destitute after the divorce. Spousal support is often an option. You may also prove to the court how you helped your spouse get to where he is professionally. For example, if you worked while he went to medical school, then you contributed greatly to the household finances.

Your contributions to the marriage and family

Even if you did not help your husband to get where he is as a professional, you still played a huge role in the management of family matters. You should value all the work that you have done, from doing laundry to caring for the children. If you were not there, your husband would be paying large amounts of money to have these things done. So, know your value as a stay-at-home mom and do not be afraid to bring it up in court.

There is a chance that you will walk away with much less than your husband unless you demonstrate your value to the marriage and the finances of the family in order to receive your rightful share of the marital assets.

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