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Signs of divorce

May 30, 2019 | Firm News

Most couples in Colorado would prefer to avoid divorce, and this can lead to ignoring certain signs that indicate the relationship is not healthy. If caught early on, couples can make the necessary changes to get their marriage back on the right track.

Prevention discusses various red flags couples should be aware of and act on before it is too late. While arguments here and there are normal, fighting about small things frequently is a warning sign. So is complaining to the other one all the time instead of finding another outlet for frustrations.

Communication between two spouses is always important, and when one spouse controls all communication or acts selfish and immature, this is a red flag. It is also a bad sign when one spouse goes out a lot without the other one. Often this indicates either cheating or an addiction of some kind.

One sign is admitting the relationship is crumbling yet not caring. Marriage takes consistent work, and when one or both spouses give up in putting in the effort, the union can fall apart quickly.

According to PsychCentral, therapists say there are four main predictors of divorce. These include:

  • Defensiveness – can be seen as cross-complaining, whining, “yes-butting” and acting like the victim
  • Stonewalling – avoiding conflict by walking out or emotionally shutting down
  • Criticism – attacking the other spouse’s character and making him or her wrong
  • Contempt – nonverbal behavior like rolling the eyes, using sarcasm or sneering

Experts say that by identifying this hurtful behavior when it is occurring, couples can take a step back and change the momentum of the interaction to a more positive one that takes the other’s feelings and perspective into account.

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